SUSC Board Members


Meeting Dates: To be determined

  • President

    Cory Clapson  

  • Vice President

    Jason Edighoffer  

  • Past President

    Steve Perron  

  • Secretary

    Stephanie Williams  

  • Treasurer

    Melissa Hladiuk  

  • Registrar

    Brandy Jacques  

  • Facilities

    Jaime Diguer  

  • Fundraising


  • Technical Director

    Huw Morris  

  • Technical Coordinator

    Morgan Reagan  

  • Equipment Manager

    Mark Fdeda  

  • Social Media

    Kim Johnson  

  • Member at Large

    Celeste Glasser-Cook  

  • Member at Large

    Kendra Mazer  

  • Member at Large

    Lorena Walls  

  • SYSI Representative

    Michele Mason  

  • SYSI Representative

    Judon Gregory  

Technical Committee
Discipline Committee
  • Co-Chair