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Hollandia United PSL FAQ

What is the PSL?

The Provincial Soccer League (PSL) is operated by the Saskatchewan Soccer Association (SSA). It is a province wide competition open to the highest level participants in U13, U15 and U17. U13 is considered a developmental year. The U15 and U17 team of each gender that is successful in winning the PSL finals will attend Club Nationals in fall 2019.

What is the format for PSL?

In the past PSL has been played as a series of weekend tournaments. This year the format has changed slightly to the format below:

U13 – Weekend format - Prince Albert (May 24-26), Saskatoon (May 31-June 2), Yorkton (June 14-16), Regina (July 12-14)

U15 and U17 - Weekend/Weekday games - (May 24-July 24). Finals (July 26-28) in Saskatoon.

How does PSL relate to Saskatoon league soccer?

As of this season, PSL selection is no longer city-wide, and as such our PSL teams will be considered the premier teams. The U13 teams will take part in regular league play, and play PSL games on designated weekends. They will also participate in the U13 premier cup in June. The U15 and U17 teams will only participate in PSL play.

Will the teams be the premier teams that played in indoor league?

PSL is considered part of the outdoor season, and as such it can be expected that many players that train through the indoor season but don’t participate in league soccer will return for PSL. Additionally, in order to create the best possible playing environment for our players, Hollandia and SUSC United have entered into an agreement to work together in forming and entering teams. Of course, we will be including the Valley United players that typically play with our zones when they are not able to form their own teams. The teams created will be playing under the name Hollandia United to reflect both zone’s and Valley’s contribution to the teams.

How do players get chosen for the PSL team?

Interested players will register for evaluations by February 14th, 2019. Players are required to register with their home zone as regular zone boundaries are in effect for PSL placement this year. VSA players are required to register with the Saskatoon zone they are a part of as per SYSI rules.

The registration links are not yet live, but they will be posted ASAP on:


These evaluations are not the same as zone evaluations. Everyone that evaluates will not be ensured a spot on the team. Rosters for PSL can be up to 18 players. For players that are not accepted on the PSL roster, if they are registered in local leagues they may be called up by a PSL team hosted by their zone for a maximum of two games. If further call-ups are required by a player, they must then transfer to the PSL team and will no longer be eligible for local league play. If a PSL host zone requires a player due to injury or for other reasons, they have to apply to SYSI who will then facilitate securing a suitable replacement.

If a player has not been selected for the PSL team in their home zone, and they want an opportunity to play in this league, they may attempt to secure a spot on the PSL team of another zone and seek a zone transfer.

Please note – if you register for PSL evaluations, it is expected that you are prepared to accept a spot on the roster if it is offered to you. If you are offered a spot on the PSL team and turn it down, you will not be eligible to join another zone’s PSL team.

What are the fees?

Players interested in PSL will pay $20 evaluation fee, for the Hollandia United evaluation. At the current time, SSA has not released the cost of registering PSL teams. Based on previous years, we anticipate the PSL Registration fee will be approximately $350. Additional team fees and/or fundraising will be required, and families will be responsible for the cost of travel to away games.

Please note that both Hollandia and SUSC have already subsidized these fees for our players to attempt to keep this league affordable. If you have barriers to participation, please contact your zone registrar so we can investigate other financial support options to ensure that financial hardship isn’t a barrier to participation.

What are the training expectations?

The majority of training for our PSL teams will occur at Newsham field. Successful PSL players are not required to attend academy training, but may continue to do so. ASTRA has agreed to work with PSL coaches to ensure that players are not over-trained. Regardless of any academy commitments, players are expected to display the highest level of commitment to their PSL team, with no or very few absences from training and games.

For U13 teams that will also be participating in local league play, the PSL coaches will be carefully monitoring workload and physical strain to avoid overplaying and injuries.

How do I register my child?

The registration pages for Hollandia United PSL evaluation will be open asap through February 14th, 2019. The evaluation registration fee is $20.

Players are to register according to their home zone. Players that are successful in obtaining a spot on the PSL roster will be emailed a second registration link. At this time full registration fees will be required.

Click here for PSL registration page

When will evaluations be?

Evaluations will occur between March 8th and 15th. The tentative evaluation schedule is:


Please note that this schedule is tentative and may change. Changes to the schedule will be emailed to players registered to evaluate and be posted on both zone’s websites.

When will teams be released?

We anticipate having team rosters released on March 15th to allow non-successful players time to attend their own zone evaluations. For those not selected and choosing to seek a PSL opportunity with another zone, you must first be advised you were unsuccessful in your home zone before you seek out another team.

If you were not selected to a PSL team and will be joining your home zone for the outdoor season, you will then have to register for the regular season with your home zone. Although regular registration may have ended, we will waive the late fee for players registering late due to trying to obtain a position on a PSL team.

Hollandia Regular Outdoor Registrations:
SUSC Regular Outdoor Registrations:

If you were successful in being placed on a PSL team, you will be emailed the registration link for PSL teams, and you will pay the registration fees at that time.

Who are the coaches?

The head coaches are not named yet, but will be announced on our websites once confirmed. All head coaches for the PSL will have a minimum of a C license, and assistant coaches will have a minimum of Soccer for Life. Note that both Huw Morris and Percy Hoff will be working with the teams, and there will be other coaching/training support.

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