Saskatoon United Soccer Club
Established April 1954

Saskatoon United Soccer Club Ways & Means Policy

Created February 2017

SUSC recognizes the importance of all players having an equal opportunity to access soccer programs and enjoy the many benefits that participation brings. To help make this possible, SUSC created a Ways & Means fund that will assist with some costs not covered by 3rd party funding (ie: Kidsport, Jump Start, etc…). Any funds distributed will be done in confidence.

The Ways & Means Committee is responsible to review situations that arise with regards to financial barriers of players and/or families. The Committee members will review each application individually and has the authority to waive full or partial registration and/or team fees. Information forwarded to the Board will include the number of situations reviewed and the outcome; no personal information will be released outside the committee.

How to Apply:

  1. 1. Players and/or families requiring financial assistance should contact the Ways & Means committee at
  2. 2. The request should include:
    1. a. Player name, age group and season (ie: Jane Doe, U16G, 2017 Outdoor)
    2. b. Parent / Guardian name and contact information (phone number & email)
    3. c. Amount of financial assistance being requested
    4. d. Proof that other financial assistance has already been applied for. It is expected that the player / family will have applied for Kidsport, Dreambroker, Jumpstart, etc… prior to contacting the Committee.
    5. e. A short summary of why the request should be approved (past commitment to attending practices and games, past commitment to helping with team fundraisers, future commitment to the team and the zone in terms of volunteering, etc…).
    6. f. The funding requested as well as the value the family can contribute.
    7. g. Contact information for someone who can vouch for your financial situation (Principal, Teacher, Community Police Officer, Member of Clergy, Health Professional, Social or Family Worker, Dreambroker)

* Failure to submit the above noted requirements shall result in ineligibility.

* False information shall result in disqualification and ineligibility of application

Procedure for the Ways & Means committee:

  1. 1. Acknowledge receipt of request
  2. 2. Discuss the request and make a decision within 10 days
  3. 3. Notify the family of the decision
  4. 4. Make the appropriate note on the family’s fee payment if payment is made against registration fees
  5. 5. Report back to the board on the total amount of Ways & Means allocated

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