Welcome to Saskatoon United Soccer Club

Established April 1954
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Upcoming Events

  • Board of Directors Meetings

    • Board Meetings
      • Wed, August 15th, 6-9p.m., location to be confirmed
    • Members are asked to submit correspondence to Alana Ndlovu a minimum of two weeks prior to the meeting if it is to be added to the Agenda.
  • Annual General Meeting

    • The AGM has been tentatively scheduled for Sunday September 20th at a time and location to be confirmed.
    • Ten positions on the Board of Directors will be open for nominations. The positions include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Technical Coordinator, Community Association Coordinator, 2 Members-at-Large, SYSI Representative, Equipment Manager, and Fundraising Coordinator.
    • Information on the terms for the positions and their typical duties can be downloaded here.
    • For more information on these positions or to be nominated please contact Desiree Carter at mal_1@susc.ca.
  • Zone Boundaries

    • The zone boundaries for Zones 1 & 2 are changed for Outdoor 2015:
      • Players who reside in Kensington will be required to register with Saskatoon United Soccer Club.
      • Players who reside in the Central Business District, City Park, North Park or Richmound Heights are required to register in Zone 2.
  • Registration

    • Indoor Registration will likely begin in late August or early September.
    • Please continue to check this page or the SYSI Registration for actual dates.
  • Want to be an SUSC Coach

    • Please print the form and bring it to registration, or simply save it, fill it out and sent it to the Technical Coordinator.
    • All applications will be considered, and no coaching positions will be awarded without a completed application. This application is only intended for coaching positions in SUSC.
    • 2015 Coaching Application Form

Other Info

    • Registration Refunds

    • SUSC Annual Tournament

      • The 2015 Tournament is in the books. Thank you to all the teams that competed in this year's event and thanks to all the fans who came to support their teams.
      • We hope you enjoyed your experience and look forward to seeing you at next year's event.


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